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    Quotes about PaulBurke :

“Since I met Paul Burke over 25 years ago, his passion and knowledge about fitness and nutrition has never ceased to amaze me. Even after being diagnosed with MS; even after nearly dying from a horrendous injury, he has always been able to come back stronger and looking better than ever. I highly recommend Paul’s books, “Burke’s Law I” and “Burke’s Law II” for their many wise and inspiring thoughts from a true modern-day renaissance man.” –William (Bill) I. Koch, President of Oxbow Corporation and winner of the 1992 America’s Cup. 

"Paul Has mastered the understanding of what it takes to build a great Physique. Follow his rules and the results will be very impressive."
--- Dr. Barry Sears, Author of "The Zone" Books.

"Burke really knows his stuff when it comes to building muscle at middle
 age. His Burke's Law Training is a must!"---Steve Holman, Editor In Chief,
 "Iron Man" Magazine.

Of all of the athletes who I have met; from Michael Jordan to wrestler,
"Macho Man" Randy Savage, Paul Burke is the most multi-talented person
 I have ever met."--Steve Cardillo, National Power Lifting Champion and
 Inventor of the Reebok "Pump Belt."



I use a very elaborate, original, (and totally new), algorithm data-base which is the cornerstone of the way that I now teach people to train. Taken from specific circumferences and lengths of thousands of bodies in order to accurately assess what Musculoskeletal Designations you possess, this is a specific set of measurements/circumferences, lengths and scores that I designed that tells me what your strengths and weaknesses are in biomechanical terms relative to weight training. This is “scientific” in the sense that I have thousands of measurements, from thousands of people (over a 40 year period of training others) that are all in this one data-bank. In this data-bank there are measurements and corresponding scores that lead to your most leverage advantageous exercises for every individual body-part, on every individual body, all based on your measurements that you will be filling in on the “Burke’s Law Musculoskeletal and Biologically Designated Questionnaire.” Various Biological Directives and Markers will tell us when you should train, when to rest, when to train heavy, with X-reps, with Drop-sets, with Volume, etc.

      This Questionnaire asks you to fill in very specific measurements designed to find your most leverage advantageous exercises for each and every body-part of each and every person. There are multiple measurements for every area of the body. 
    Some of your Biologically Directed results will help me make out your Nutrition Plan in accordance with the results of the tests listed above. These all help me in understanding your chemistry to a point where I know which type of diet that you should be using to enhance strength, power, and muscular hypertrophy.
   Lastly, the Questionnaire will ask for very specific answers to questions designed to help me utilize my skills in motivation in helping you achieve your goals.                                         

     I will make a very personally-specific Training Program and Nutrition Regimen based on your answers to the "Burke's Law Biological and Musculoskeletal Designated Questionnaire," and the results of the tests listed above As mentioned, The Questionnaire asks you to measure your body in ways that took me decades to perfect—and to figure out which exercises work for various circumferences and dimensions asked for.
    I analyze your measurements, test results and answers to other key questions and then get to work on it scientifically, mathematically and biologically.     
    I then send you a program designated for your  musculoskeletal system (designation) and various biological directives; and a Nutrition Regimen based on your other biological directives/markers from your specialized blood test that you should do.
    It is a Training Program that matches your measurements and CNS (Central Nervous System) SYMNS (Sympathetic Nervous System Markers) and PARSYMS (Parasympathetic Nervous System Markes (each for which I will teach you how to take thrice each day). Lastly, a Nutritional Program that matches your metabolism--based on certain said tests. It is very complex and very detailed, very complete--that is the only way I believe this should be done.



    Biological Directives is a term that I coined to sum up two sets of directives. These Directives dictate how you should train with weights; how you should counter-balance that training; and, how, when and what you should eat.

The First set of biological directives, and perhaps the most important, are designed to find out your serum and/or saliva levels of the following:

(Note: You can order any of these tests without being a YEARLY CLIENT).

Have Paul Burke, Nutritional and Biogenetic Practioner, doing business with ALCAT Worldwide Laboratories, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442, send me information about (any) specific test and its pricing(s); or, send me a test-kit today and specify in the email what you would like. Email Paul

DHEA and TESTOSTERONE: These two levels are very important to know for obvious reasons. You should know where both of these biological directives are before beginning a serious training program.

CORTSIOL: This test tells you the ebb and flow of your cortisol levels. If this circadian rythum is off, it can wreak havoc with training, sleep, muscle development and so many other important practical parts of your health that few people ever test for.

FOOD AND CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY AND ALLERGY TESTS: You can imagine how badly your cells are responding to insulin, testosterone, growth hormone and other parts of the endocrinology of the male body if your immune system is constantly working overtime to fight off foods that you have a sensitivity and/or allergy to. You can have anywhere from 50 to 550 various foods, chemicals and molds tested against your blood lymphocytes. (I can order this and all other tests for you, plus have a phlebotomist come to your home to draw blood; and you simply have the blood drawn, fill out the background information that comes with the kit(s) send the kit(s) off in the premarked package to ALCAT Labs and within days, I will email your results to you.)
GHP TESTS: (Known as Genetic Cellular Antibody Tests); This group of tests help identify potential or present genetic problems that are or may need to be addressed in order to keep “Gut Health” and your immunity intact: Each of these tests is imperative for anyone who has food allergens caused by grains (which many people do have but do not know this); and/or, someone in your family may have one of the following markers--I recommend that you be tested if there is any question.

A.   HLA Typing for Celiac Disease- HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8                   (Celiac Disease Marker)
B.  Tissue Transglutaniase Antibody (tTG)-IgA and IgG                        (Autoimmune Markers)
C.  Deamidated Gliadin Pepetide (DGP)-IgA and IgG (T-cell                Antigen Marker)

Have Paul Burke, Nutritional and Biogenetic Practioner, doing business with ALCAT Worldwide Laboratories, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442,  send me information about (any) specific test and its pricing(s); or, send me a test-kit today and specify in the email what you would like. Email Paul

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Paul Burke Highlights:

- Owned and Operated the private training facility, Kendall Athletic Club;

- Recruited by Bill Koch to sail on his Maxi-boat during the World Championships in 1990 in addition to training the team;

- Master's Degree in Integrated Studies from Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA;

- PhD Candidate at the Union Institutute in Cincinnati, Ohio;

- Former college professor and presently the Over 40 Fitness Editor for Exercise For Men Only; Men's Exercise; Natural Bodybuilding;

- BodyBuilding Titles Achieved: Mr. Continental USA - Mr. New England - Mr. Empire State - Mr. Titan -3rd. Mr. Jr. Mr. Universe - Mr. USA

- Armwrestling Titles Achieved: North Country Champion European Champion - 3-Time Undefeated,British,U.K. and Western Euuropean Armwrestling Champion 

To receive a free E-Book of your choice
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