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Dear Website Readers and Participants,

I have been in the Health & Fitness fields all of my adult life. I was a champion bodybuilder and trainer to Bill Koch and the America's Cup Team. I have owned gyms and trained clients in various gyms all over the world. I presently write for three publications that have a circulation of over 2 million readers worldwide. The questions I received from my monthly articles in these magazines, Exercise for Men Only, Men's Exercise, and Natural Bodybuilding, were the launching pad for this section of my website.

I have been building my body for over 30 years. All of the literature I have provided and images of myself in this site represent my belief and practice in clean, healthy training. I would like to offer my help to anyone dependent on steroids or other growth enhancing supplements who wish to become independently and naturally healthy. With my proven training and dietary techniques, you can look as good if not better than anyone using synthetic drugs or growth enhancing supplements. For my assistance in becoming a cleaner, healthier body builder, please contact me and choose "Drug Free" in the subject line.

It is my sincere and honest hope that we can form a community of health and fitness enthusiasts in order to help educate the entire world about all types of fitness. This particular part of my site is specially designed to give you as much free information that I can and also offer you a special yearly membership that will update you with cutting-edge knowledge and wisdom about the various aspects of this ever-growing, ever-expanding genre.

I will be producing a quarterly newsletter separate from my articles and for a small fee you can purchase this along with a year's worth of questions that I will answer for you personally. You will have a response to any question within 48 hours all for the price of two magazines. I hope you will take advantage of this and it will be my honor to help you to reach your health and fitness goals.

I wish you good health and longevity.

Paul T. Burke, M.Ed.