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Paul offers extensive one-on-one consultations to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

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Good fitness is about more than working out- let Paul help you become truly fit.

Nutrition Routine

With a strong background in health and nutrition, Paul can guide you in creating a much healthier you.

Paul Burke 's Neo-Dieter's Handbook

    This book, "Paul Burke's Neo-Dieter's Handbook," When We Lost Our Nutritional Roots; Where to Find Those Foods Today is another gem of Burke's flexing his ability to weave almost poetic like verbiage, combining his experiential wisdom with his empirical knowledge - within two subject genres that are usually dull and tediously cookie-cutter boring. His approach is always the same whether writing about Nutrition, Body Building, Fitness, or specifically detailed questions posed to him from readers of his monthly column in "Iron Man" magazine (the country's oldest "Iron" Magazine): He has "eagle" eyes and a "mouse" type ability to cull the greatest of detail and still see the world from afar. This book will leave you feeling as if there is no other "human diet" possible than the one he puts forth. No tricks, no magic bullet and no smoke and mirrors. It is Burke's interpretation of history telling us all what the future of "dieting" is.