Paul is a health and fitness consultant with over thirty years of experience. He is the former trainer and exercise facilities manager for Bill Koch and his America’s Cup Teams. Paul owned and operated the private training facility, The Kendall Athletic Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 1988-1991. He holds a Master’s degree in Integrated studies from Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and he is a Ph.D. candidate at the Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Paul began his career in the late ‘70's while stationed overseas in Helicopter Rescue, a special detachment under the Military Air Command of the United States Air Force. He was the first Airman to win a body building contest while stationed overseas and shortly thereafter, Paul began giving seminars and training tips to Airman stationed at RAF Woodbrige/Bentwaters, U.K. Although reaching

Non Commissioned Officer status as a Crew Chief while in the Air Force. After his four years of active duty, Paul was asked to help in the development of a weight training program for base personal at Westover AFB, Massachusetts, as part of a two year active Air Force Reserve commitment.

In 1981, after his honorable discharge, Paul moved to Venice Beach, California, and began serious training for body building. His competitive body building has gone into its third decade during which time he has won four regional titles and placed top-three in the Jr. Mr. Universe and Mr. USA.

In 1984, Paul began his acting career by being awarded his screen actor's guild card by appearing in a internationally shown Levis commercial that aired during the 1984 Olympics. Also during this timeframe, Paul was bodygaurd to the famous stage star Yul Brynner. It was from his observation of Yul Brynner's acting that led Paul to his acting career bringing his to have speaking parts on Spencer For Hire, Guiding Light and he also had a speaking role with Julia Roberts in the critically acclaimed film Mystic Pizza. Paul also continues to be involved in the screen actor's guild and has done an internationally shown Wendy's commercial before the death of Dave Thomas and continues to pursue acting aspirations.

Opening The Kendall Athletic club in 1988 gave Paul a place to train a growing list of health and fitness clients that included radio station owners, TV stars, and high profile businessmen. One of those clients, Bill Koch, the billionaire-entrepreneur, recruited Paul to sail on his Maxi-boat during the World's Cup in 1990. After winning the World Championships, Koch launched a successful America’s Cup campaign in ‘92 in San Diego, and formed his All-Woman’s Team to defend America’s Cup in ‘95. During much of this time, Paul was Koch’s full-time health consultant, trainer and personal assistant.

Paul received his M.Ed. in Integrated Studies in 1997 from Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he now teaches in the summer NITE program. Paul conducts seminars and lectures publicly on the topic, "How Diet and Exercise Influence Aging." He is the Over-40 Editor for Exercise For Men Only, and Men’s Exercise, with monthly columns titled {Paul Burke’s Over-40 Fitness and "Anti-Aging Technology." Paul also answers hundreds of questions from Over-40 fitness enthusiasts at EMO’s Website.

Based on Ph.D. research and many years of experiential knowledge, Paul has developed a highly specialized private consulting practice in which he develops individual health, fitness and longevity programs by integrating the fields of orthomolecular biology and natural supplementation, exercise physiology, and palaeonutritionology.