Extensive Consultation

Paul offers extensive one-on-one consultations to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

Fitness Routine

Good fitness is about more than working out- let Paul help you become truly fit.

Nutrition Routine

With a strong background in health and nutrition, Paul can guide you in creating a much healthier you.


1. Provide expert consultation for my clients (especially those over 40) based on thirty years of experience both subjectively and objectively. To also provide constant guidance for all those who choose the yearly consultation method.

2. Provide honest, safe, and extremely carefully constructed fitness routines and dietary plans that do not require any special gimmicks or un-safe supplements.

3. Provide expert analysis of each client's muscular-skeletal structure; whether through the online questionnaire; or in person, and based on those factual structural findings, construct a perfect fitness routine for each individual based on their individual leverage-advantages and kinetic observations during the "trial phase" of their program.

4. Provide one-time routines and diets for those who choose that method alone.

5. Respond to clients as soon as possible and develop communication systems that fit each client's needs.

6. Provide a network of knowledge and wisdom that can help all clients through this site.

7. Maintain a level of professionalism and integrity when doing all consultations.

8. Sell products and services that are safe, and that I believe in and use.

9. Spread my knowledge to the far reaches of the globe so that anyone, anywhere can have unique knowledge of health & Fitness.

10. Offer a suggestion area so that clients can tell me more of what they want.

11. Provide experiential and empirical wisdom and knowledge to help those who suffer from MS; ALS; CFIDS; CFS and Fibromyalgia and give them valuable scientific and fitness tools in which to use in their road to "healing" from these diseases.

12.Provide the world's highest standard of knowledge, guidance, and expertise to all personally trained clients.

Thank you,
Paul T. Burke, M.Ed.
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