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Paul T. Burke, M. Ed.

My nervous and immune problems started long before I was ever diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the winter of 1994-95. In fact just about as far back as I can remember I had some problems with my nervous system, immune system and gut (Intestines).
    Growing up, not knowing it then, I had what is called a “kyphotic” T-spine and what is known as Pectus Carinatum, which are both congenital defects. “Kyphosis” is of the T-Spine and L-spine. The T-spine bows outwardly too far, causing the L-spine to curve inward more than normal. Pectus Carinatum is also called “pigeon breast” and/or “chicken breast.” It is a deformity of the chest characterized by a protrusion of the sternum and ribs. Both of these congenital problems caused various symptoms (and shame) because I was never treated for either as a child growing up. With a very, big and rugged father, and a strict and somewhat naïve mother, for neither thought either to be of major medical concern. I started lifting weights and doing thousands of weighted Roman Chair sit ups, which covered my outwardly pointed sternum; and, I made my back so thick and wide, no one ever again made fun of, or looked at my spine twice again.
    Not knowing either caused internal problems until I played football and ran Track and Cross-Country in High School, most of the problems I learned to manage on my own. The sternum problem, although hidden by my senior year, caused shortness of breath and heart flutters, with occasional black-outs. I soon realized that training with weights and walking long distances (and swimming and doing tough, manual labor) made me feel much better.
    By the time I was in my twenties, I was British and UK (and European) arm-wrestling Champion (from 1978-1980) being stationed at RAF Woodbridge in the US Air Force. I had also won my first bodybuilding contest in London, England, “The Mr. Titan,” in 1981. I did all of this without ever using anabolic steroids.
    By the time that I had returned to the US, all of the guys that I left who were training with weights had become quite strong and quite large. They were obviously all using anabolic steroids. I had read plenty about them, even had a script from a US Air Force MD. I finally started using them in late 1981. I immediately felt the effects and they were all positive. I gained lots of muscle and size, but those four years being out of the US had me trying to play catch-up with the rest of the guys who had started just after I had left the US for England.
    I did not win another contest until winning my weight class in the 1985 Mr. Empire State Contest in NYC. By then, I weighed 229 pounds on stage, which for the time was quite large. “I walked around” (1985-86) at a weight between 245-260 pounds, depending on how much I ate on a “cheat day.” I can be honest and say that I used one shot of 100 mg Deca Durabolin a week, and three Anavar a day—that was it. I got sick using stronger steroids at higher doses, even at lower doses. I trained probably heavier than most bodybuilders, especially with arms, back, and even legs. I felt fantastic and went on to placing second-runner-up in both Jr. Mr. Universe and USA Contests.
    I stopped using in 1986 and then went on the win several contest clean, without steroids. (Some of the titles that I won: Height Class winner, 1992, Drug-tested Mr. New England; Class winner, 1992 Drug-tested Mr. Continental USA; 1992 Drug-tested USA, 2nd place and a number of others). My career as a competitive bodybuilder ended when I started to train Bill Koch and his America’s Cup Team. I was diagnosed with MS while in San Diego during Koch’s defense of the America’s Cup in 1994-95.
    I beat the damn disease for a while and I was again in superb shape between the years 1997-2000. After earning a large amount of money with my physique as a model and actor in NYC during those years, I was severely injured by a rupturing my accessory nerve, killing all of the muscles on the right side of my body—that has never fully healed, but a year or so ago, I was able to start training normally again. I had been using rubber cables and lying on the floor to train for about seven years before I could actually lie on a bench or use free-weights, just over a year ago. (Just to make the connection, the accessory nerve is attached at the exact place where my MS lesions are and the assumption is that the nerve rupture and or tore because of a weakness in my spinal area (C-2, C-4) that must have weakened that nerve of my dominant side which froze and was torn--ruptured.
    Now that the MS has returned and seems determined to stay, I have utilized a variety of methods to at least be functional and get quite a bit better. I have used this protocol on others, with mixed results, but almost always getting people better to some degree. Some feel 100% better while others say anywhere from 25-50% better. It is not that costly, but does take time, patience, testing and my own way of viewing the results.
    CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency), Fibromyalgia and MS
All seem to have at least ten or twelve things in common: Fatigue, pain, food allergies, sleeplessness, inability to exercise, sensitivity to chemicals, adrenal problems, Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal Axis problems, Metabolic and Thyroid Issues; Hormonal problems; musculoskeletal problems; Tremors, and on and on the list goes.  
    MS, Fibromyalgia (and/or CFIDS) are all based on three rather large fields of study and two rather obscure knowledge and empirical-based practices that border on non-medical. Just briefly, for sure, each case is subjective, genetic, dietary (micro and macro) anaerobic/aerobic/mitochondria/ATP, Neurological, Allergenic, Hormonal, Thyroid, and all around Endocrine-logical (or the finding of the underlying hypothalamus feedback problem).
    Lastly, it is psychopathic--and I don't mean that someone with this disease is crazy, or it is "just a matter of depression"; rather, often, someone has carried a tremendous amount of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) with them, unconsciously for years, without any real methodology for getting help.     Freud's book and practice based on Catharsis has merit, but I truly believe the great French Neurologist from the 19th Century, Jean-Martin Charcot (who had Freud as a pupil) was much closer to understanding the unconscious mind than Freud. Yung understood this “unconscious mind” better too, but he (as one of Freud's pupils) spent most of his time on what he called "archetypes" of the dream stage, which is not the ability to tap into awake state unconscious mind (and he was very much into believing "god" had an influence in one's faith to recover—and that is open for debate either way, but not a point that I spend much time thinking about, nor talking or writing about because what works for one does not work for another in the case of "god." I can say strongly, without question, that one has to put faith in themselves and if one wants to call that faith in god, so be it. I do know prayer helps and as a pragmatist I am not sure if that is a meditative state helping the CNS (Central Nervous System) or that is an actual fact of faith. I don't go to that place for obvious reasons, but if it helps, it helps.
In a nut-shell, I generally go down these paths with someone with MS and/or Fibromyalgia (CFIDS).
1. First, as with weight trainees and bodybuilding clients, as well as those getting in shape, I have a very specific questionnaire that tells me what that person "is made of," looks like, what each joint and bone look like through an elaborate system of measurements and back-life information--so too do I do have an extended questionnaire for MS and CFIDS/Fibromyalgia "clients" albeit, a lot different questionnaire. (I do have graduates Degree in Health (Ed.), but I am not a doctor (MD), so I cannot say really say or write the word, "patient," although metaphorically, that is what anyone under my instruction and guidance will become, but I don't suggest drugs, albeit, I will occasionally recommend someone read a study, ask them to bring that study and other information to their MD and hope that he/she will prescribe it. (By the way Lyrica, is a time-release form of Neurontin. Neurontin and Lyrica are very nervous-system addictive, they also affect the brain. I don't advise coming down quite yet, but if you want to go through with the program, at sometime you might want to taper off slowly so we can utilize other methods and know how things are changing. Pain is uncomfortable, but knowing what causes the pain is more important than bandaging it.)
2. Food and Chemical Sensitivities and Food Allergies. This is often a major factor. I work with a lab here in Massachusetts that performs what is called IgG Lymphocyte ELISA tests, with over 300 foods and 100 household chemicals. It is a simple blood test, but often I have to call the MD and explain what it does because MD's are taught about drugs, not looking for clues as to causes of disease. They also have very little background in nutrition and will not (in all probability) have this blood test in their documents, orders and/or files.
3. Nutrition: This is obvious, but which nutrition program? In the age of "diet books," most people miss the point. After you read my book, Paul Burke’s Neo-Dieter’s Handbook, we will talk about this as far as what you should or should not be eating.
4. Exercise: What to do? How much? When to do what? I answer each one of these based on a variety of daily tests of the CNS (Central Nervous System--which one is done with a specific digital tester); also heart rate at three times of the day; tongue color and texture, body-temp at three different times during the day, and body musculoskeletal designation; composition, body-fat% etc. Also under this category would be suggestions for Myofascia Trigger Point Therapy, ART (Active Release Therapy), soothing massage, etc.
5. Hypothalamus, Adrenal, Pituitary (Thyroid, Penal gland, Testes, Ovaries.
This gets to be very difficult to interpret. First, the adrenals are tested, but not with the standard test that most (MD's/DC's) use; this one is an 8-times per 24 hour collection of saliva. In this test, a multitude of chemicals are tested for, not just adrenaline/cortisol. I explain this in more detail in the literature that comes with the program.
6. Hormones: Almost everyone with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia have hormonal problems—low testosterone, high estrogen, no estrogen, etc. There are specific tests for all the hormone levels, hormonal pathways and their precursors such as DHEA.
7. Genetics: It may sound odd, but certain bone (mostly T and L-spinal Shapes) are indicative of CFIDS and Fibromyalgia, and as told in my case (and others that I have seen), MS. I have a measuring device for this, or photos work too. The other genetic components consist of familial history.
8. The Unconscious Mind: This is a big one and few even consider it. People might say, learn to meditate, learn to relax, take bio-feedback, go see a psychotherapist, etc. Almost all don't work. Why? Because people with nerve damage and pain almost always have two or three of the top components and this one--and this one is the tough one, the one no one wants to tackle because it is unbelievably hard to know what to do about this part of the mind. (Here we are back to Charcot, the 19th Century French Neurologist). I am studying everything that he and his contemporaries have written. Seriously believing that Freud dropped the ball on investigating the unconscious mind, for the ease and simplicity of "psychotherapist coach." I think Charcot was way ahead of his time. Able to bring women who were in institutions "locked" in an unconscious state of "hysteria" come to life by hypnotherapy, and I am convinced that the unconscious mind plays a huge role in how we get sick and how we get better. This is something that I would have to do in person and it is very expensive; however, this is the final door to go down if necessary and often times not needed. I don't believe in these people who call themselves hypnotists who claim to be able to stop you from smoking or drinking or any of that nonsense. I do however, believe that third layer unconsciousness is possible and can often shake someone free of carried trauma--it can also be very tough to get someone that deep without a lot of back-life historical facts and time, time, and more time.
So, all "Neurological" diseases usually are multifaceted in that their origins are fairly consistent in pathology--in other words, within those seven areas, usually five to seven unlock the door towards getting better, but which ones is hard to know until one tries.
I will be sending your books tomorrow and then you can decide on whether you want to get started with your wife or wait is up to both of you--obviously. I am not really busy now, although I am writing my third book and have a number of clients and (Patients); however, the summer gets people onto vacations and that frees me up with more time--for the next few months, then I am swamped.
I hope that I have helped shed some light on these subjects and I certainly would like to help, knowing, that the path toward healing is long and can often be like a roller-coaster, unless something sticks out right away.  I do this over the phone and/or via Internet. I suggest both, but not until I have all the information that I have to have. The way it would work is I would send you a special invoice for $139.00 and that very lengthy questionnaire that I wrote of above. You would then have to fill out the questionnaire and return it to me. Then I go to work. Once I look over everything, then I make suggestions, some are allopathic and some are natural. We then, after I have looked at all the tests and answers to the questionnaire, talk on the phone at $2.00 per minute with a fifteen minute minimum.
    I wish you the best of health.
    Paul T. Burke, M. Ed., Owner, Paul Burke Enterprises, LLC
Begin by sending me the Invoice and Questionnaire: $139.00 for reviewing your tests and other questionnaire answers.
I would like to make a telephone consultation: $2.00 per minute, 15 minute minimum.
I would like to purchase both: $199.00—with a limit of 30 minutes over the telephone.