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Paul offers extensive one-on-one consultations to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

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Good fitness is about more than working out- let Paul help you become truly fit.

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With a strong background in health and nutrition, Paul can guide you in creating a much healthier you.


"Paul, I would like to thank you for the valuable insight you have given me in regards to training.  Your innovative approach to all aspects of bodybuilding has given me the tools to continue to make progress for years to come. As a natural bodybuilder your ideas have helped me win the New Zealand Classic Mens National title 2 years in a row (08 & 09).” “ Thanks for your all your help and kind words.”
 Thanks again Aron Noble
 Mr. New Zealand National Champion: 2008—09.

“Since I met Paul Burke almost thirty years ago, his passion and knowledge about fitness and nutrition has never ceased to amaze me.  Even after being diagnosed with MS; even after nearly dying from a horrendous injury, he has always been able to come back stronger, looking better than ever.  Here he has put all of his empirical knowledge and wisdom to words in this amazingly intricate and detailed book.  I highly recommend “Burke’s Law” for its many wise and inspiring thoughts from a true modern day renaissance man.”
 Very truly yours,
 William I. Koch
 President of Oxbow Corporation  
1992 America's Cup Winner

"I have been bodybuilding for over 20 years, and lately the accumulation of over 2 decades of heavy squatting has taken a toll on my lower back.  Been a tall individual, I wrote to Paul Burke, whom is similarly proportioned to me about any advice he has that I can use to keep my legs growing, without the strain of barbell squats.  He wrote back almost immediately and gave me several new ways to keep the tension on my thighs and not on my lower back.  Thanks to Paul's innovative methods, I can keep growing new muscle, without injury for many more decades to come!” 
 Jason S
 Exercise Physiologist (Cardiac Rehab)

“Paul, you have an exceptional combination of dedication, knowledge and commitment, which is quite unique. During my 30 years in the gym world, I have never met a person with these qualities so clearly; which are both reflected in your writing and education. You are Inspirational, and as a great coach.”
“Thanks for the help and guidance you have given me and my close ones, not only as a coach but as a mentor.”
 Thank you!
 Bengt Nilsson, Sweden (towards a healthier and more well-trained life)
 President/owner Stormvarning corporation

“I have known Paul Burke for 29 years. He is a champion and one of the most powerful people on earth; and in that phrase, I am not speaking about his physical strength so much as I am addressing his knowledge. I have known few men who not only have so much experience to cultivate from; but so too, are his passions to go back to college to learn more—research countless hours to educate others with his own books and courses in the fields of Nutrition, Health, Fitness, and the realities of Bodybuilding. Paul is so unique that everything that he tells others to do; is exactly what he does himself—he walks the walk more than any person whom I know.” “Paul is a true Warrior with powerful wisdom!”
 Steve Kapelonis: Entrepreneur and creator of New York City’s “The Pump’  restaurants. Author of,” The Pump Energy Food,” by Steve Kapelonis and Elena  Kapelonis (Paperback - Jan. 5, 2005).

“In the years that I have known Paul Burke, he has helped me tremendously with my diet and exercise programs. I have MS as does Paul and he has shed new light and wisdom on the disease. He has inspired me to eat as he does and train according to his ideology. Paul is a unique person with experiential knowledge and a deep understanding of the body, mind and spirit.”
 Jen Carter, Darien, CT.